Monday Catch-Up #85

LSA International Balloon Gin Glasses

WHAT a scorcher. I’ve been waiting for these days since whenever it was last year that it finally felt warm outside. Us Brits love to moan about the weather don’t we? But as someone who constantly feels the cold to such a debilitating extent it feels impossible to function normally, you’ll never hear me complain about the rare days where it’s time for flipflops.

It’s been a very sad and couple of weeks hasn’t it? Strange and frightening times of uncertainty where terror attacks seem common place and allowing people to have such a sub-standard of living that they never really stand a chance when a fire takes hold. A general election that gave us a glimmer of hope but ultimately leads to even more questions.

The lovely Claire who I ‘know’ through Instagram wrote this post about how to try and stay positive in the face of such adversity and how it can all seem so trivial. I feel exactly the same way as Claire, but there’s a louder voice in both our heads which says it’s even more important for us to go about our days, to show gratitude and appreciation for every single no matter how big or small. Life is so short and I believe that for those who for one reason or another have encountered such tragedy, those of us lucky enough to not be directly affected do a huge disservice in not living every second to the full.

So here’s what has been making me happy over the past couple of weeks.

Coming Together

The terror attack at London Bridge and Borough Market felt very close to home since my office is just a 5 minute walk away. It’s been a difficult time but it acts as a solemn reminder at how wonderful people are, for the most part. I wrote more about it in this post. We’re a resilient bunch and will always come together when it’s most needed and nothing makes me prouder than seeing so many strangers support each other through tough times.

Borough Market Memorial

Guns N’ Roses

It won’t have escaped anyone’s attention on social media that last Friday Pete and I went to the London Olympic stadium to see Guns N’ Roses. Too young for them first time around and resigning myself to the fact I’d never see them perform, when they announced their ‘Not In This Lifetime’ tour last year, it seemed to good to be true. Would they actually go through with it without catastrophically self-destructing? Even if they did, would it be any good? Well, I have no hesitation in describing Friday as one of the best nights of my life. They were better than we ever could have imagined thrashing out hit after hit for three hours. It was a joyous occasion, again bringing so many people together, all strangers. Axl’s face may look a bit strange these days but he can’t half sing. And well, Slash will always be my number one celebrity crush, not even ashamed.

My Sunday Photo Guns N Roses

Starting A Bathroom Makeover

I’m really excited to be collaborating with Carpetright on a monochrome bathroom makeover for our main ‘family’ bathroom. Last week Steve and Paul came out to replace our horrible old vinyl which we inherited from the previous owners and replaced it with this gorgeous black and white one and yes, it is vinyl and not tiles! I can’t wait to carry on with the rest of the project over the coming weeks.

Carpetright Mardi Gras Vinyl Flooring

Blogging Adventures

An early morning breakfast visit to the St Martin’s Lane Hotel for the Kaleidoscope AW 2017 preview. It came the morning after a fun awards dinner with work so I’m not entirely sure it was my most articulate blogging event but seeing new inspiration is always fun and more will be revealed in tomorrow’s blog post.

Kaleidoscope Indoor Garden

Best Friend Visits

Last weekend we took the new car for a spin and headed across London up to Amersham where my best friend lives with her husband and little boy who is also the youngest of my three godsons. We took Maddie for some proper country air and it reminded us once again how quickly time flies and we don’t spend enough of it with the people who really matter. It was made even more special as Ollie had that morning taken off his stabilisers for the very first time so we had a lovely afternoon walk as he zoomed round on two wheels like a pro.

Best Friend Visits

Work Fun

Opportunities to get all dressed up are very rare these days but an industry awards dinner recently saw us getting our gladrags on and heading for the evening to Old Billingsgate, just across the river from our office. Sadly we didn’t win in our category but it was a fun evening nonetheless. I feel very fortunate to have a job that isn’t just enjoyable but that the people are fantastic too. We have our issues just like most places but it’s a genuinely supportive and fun place to be. So here’s me out of my normal dog-walking attire with two of my lovely workmates.

SC Awards Colleagues

Sweetpea & Willow Summer Party

On a fairly chilly ‘summer’ afternoon, myself and other bloggers made our way to the Sweetpea & Willow HQ in West Londonfor their summer party. What a wonderful brand who put on such an amazing afternoon for us, showcasing their incredible showroom plus providing Prosecco from a VAN! I won’t say too much here because there is so much to share in a separate post but it was a perfect couple of hours catching up with old and new friends and the icing on the cake…9 week old Cocker pup Bailey #allthehearteyes


Sweetpea and Willow puppy

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week X

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