Monday Catch-Up #83

Chinbrook Meadows Sunny Morning

This will forever be the week where it felt like winter returned, albeit briefly. We had our heating on a couple of evenings and I debated lighting the fire. It didn’t happen but I wanted to. It feels very odd to have the flames beating out when it’s still light in the evenings! Psychological I’m sure. Despite the chill in the air (and even frost one morning en route to the station) it’s been a week of new food discoveries and luxury adventures.

Blogging Adventures

With day job and other commitments lately, there hasn’t been as much time as I’d like to actually go to blogging events and I’ve had to turn a few things down. It’s annoying when that happens and then I discover that several of my ‘virtual’ friends have attended and it would have been so lovely to meet them. So with a new determination to make time for what’s important, I popped to the opening of the Bagnodesign luxury bathroom showroom on the Kings Road in Chelsea on Thursday.

Originating in Dubai (where else?!) Bagnodesign is really the final word in luxe division bathrooms. Tomorrow’s blog post will be all about the event but let’s just say I now have more ideas than sense when it comes to our bathroom and en-suite makeover. So much style. I could have quite happily moved into the showroom and never left.

Bagnodesign Chelsea

Bagnodesign Chelsea

Checking Out the Gluten Free Food Festival

This time last year we made our way through the crowds at Camden Market in an attempt to visit the Gluten Free Food Festival held in conjunction with the market there. I’d only been GF for around 6 months and still finding my way with it. Now with my recent decision to turn vegan, I set up a separate Instagram account which is all free-from related and have found such great profiles. Through that I discovered that this year the festival was popping up in Limehouse which is much easier for us to get to than Camden so we decided to take a morning off the house stuff and take poochie for a little explore.

How wonderful to find so much CHOICE. It’s a bit of a struggle at the moment because I’m fairly lazy by nature when it comes to cooking but even though not every stall was vegan as well as being gluten-free, a lot of them had vegan options or at the very least vegetarian alternatives. I had a clean fennel and red cabbage slaw to start, followed by a gluten free pizza with vegan cheese instead of mozzarella which was incredible and a mini vegan and GF cupcake to finish. We took some cake home and also some delicious bread which is something else that’s been very hard to find. It can be done!

Gluten Free Food Festival Pizza

Gluten Free Food Festival Cupcakes

Gluten Free Food Festival

Reaching 6k Followers On Instagram

I’ve noticed over the past couple of weeks that my following and engagement on InstagramĀ has been most peculiar. Despite theming my feed for the most part (which I very reluctantly did but have learned to accept) which meant over the past couple of months things have been very good, those sneaky buggers have been playing behind the scenes again affecting what people see.

I chose to have a massive clearout and unfollowed (and am still unfollowing) accounts which aren’t really relevant to me anymore so that I’m left with just renovation, interiors and friends. It’s depressing and frustrating when we all work so hard to build a good following that it can so easily be taken away from us by the powers that be and I know a lot of people are feeling the same. Still, a little milestone was reached this weekend as I tiptoed over 6,000 followers and feel proud that despite the fact I’ve had to sell my soul slightly to get there, things are heading in the right direction. Thank goodness for Instagram Stories so that I can continue to be my slightly bonkers self!

Premier Estates Wine Grand Rose Spumante

Making Bedroom Progress

You would think that with painting the bedroom, arguably the hardest part, the fun stuff is shopping and I’d have it ship-shape in no time. There’s definitely something wrong with me. Working hard comes second nature and spending money on very important things like adding value to the house is also fine. Somehow shopping is something I really, really struggle with. Picking up those little nick-nacks and finishing touches just seems so very wasteful. I even know what I want from the belly basket for the faux plant to the bedding, but I keep stalling on actually buying.

Thankfully we have made a little more progress albeit slowly – the new lampshade for the ceiling has gone up and the ugly spotlight has been dumped unceremoniously at the tip. Some beautiful copper wire stacking baskets from Dunelm have arrived and are now sitting under the dressing table. The stool, lamp and rocker are all on order. Someone please remind me that it’s ok to buy things which will be keptĀ for the next few years and will make me happy every time I look at them?!

Master Bedroom Makeover

And so another Bank Holiday Monday has been gone, I hope whatever you’ve been up to this long weekend you’ve had a lovely one and remembered to stop and appreciate the little things X

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