Monday Catch-Up #81

A View Of The Garden

Last week was a tough one and if you follow me on Instagram you may have an inkling why. I’m going to write a separate post about the importance of having a voice. Because it really matters that we all stand up for what’s right. Even if that means taking on the giants, even when you don’t know which way to turn. That tough week had the most amazing ending. I now feel even more grateful than I normally do for daily little triumphs and so here’s last week’s happy moments

Taking On Network Rail

When we and our fellow residents found out on Tuesday that Network Rail had turned up to indiscriminately fell trees, we had no idea what to do. Despite that, the rallying call was amazing. A group of 20 or so of us banded together to fight the giants and we won! Calls to local councillors, the press, tweets to the RSPB, you name it, we went for it. Protests standing underneath the trees to be cut. On Friday Bromley council issued a Tree Preservation Order which means nature has triumphed. Our beautiful trees and wildlife habitat are safe for now and you can see the damage they did plus what we thankfully managed to save at the top of this post.

A Week As A Vegan

I know, it’s nothing right? But taking this decision has really forced me to look at everything I do. To recycle every last item whereas before I was a bit lazy. To gradually work through all my skincare, replacing the ones that aren’t truly cruelty free. There is so much support out there and talented people doing amazing things with food. It’s definitely the right decision for me.

New Coffee Shops

Prior to veganism, my creature comfort was a hot chocolate from Costa. Wrong in so many ways. Unhealthy and supporting a high street chain, there’s nothing good about that. On my endless Instagram trawls I came across White Mulberries, an independent coffee shop close to work. Armed with a beautiful sunny lunchbreak and a determination to find it, I toddled off to St Katharine’s Docks. Such a glorious spot that I had no idea existed and you can get almond milk in your drinks without being looked at like you have three heads!


Starting A New Home Project

With two log deliveries over winter, we had some pallets lying around that were destined for the tip. Until I came across one of my online clan who had turned theirs into a herb garden. What a genius idea and something that didn’t look too hard to recreate. My pallet is now sanded and painted a beautiful pastel blue thanks to some old Cuprinol paint we had lying around. I need to order a staple gun and some weed membrane as my next step but this is one project I’m determined to finish.

The Heat

At last, a gloriously hot weekend. I spent the entire two days in the garden painting our new fence after Pete came home from work on Friday and said “shall we go to Homebase and get some paint for the fence?”. It’s a rare moment of pro-action from him so I leaped at the chance. I’m paying the price now however with the pinkest shoulders, neck and back…it’s going to be a sore day tomorrow.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week X

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