Monday Catch-Up #77

Marks and Spencer rose pink dressing gown

What a beautiful weekend we had here in London! Warmth in the air, the birds chirping merrily away and realising that it’s still a little bit light at 5.30. All these things make me sooo happy. It’s been an organised and productive week, possibly the first time I’ve felt like things are getting under control after a January that passed in a blur of day job politics and exhaustion. By contrast I’ve finally felt full of energy and getting things in order – there’s nothing like ticking off a mental checklist. Here are some of my favourite moments from last week.

Reclaiming My Running Mojo

I’ve always struggled with looking after myself even though I know how valuable exercise is. It’s the time I resent, reluctant to break into my evenings or weekends and well, committing to getting up early in the morning isn’t realistically going to happen.

On realising that a beautiful route lies right on my doorstep at work, I ran on both Monday and Wednesday in my lunchbreak and it felt wonderful. Getting out of the office, making the most of time, enjoying spring weather and feeling so energised for the rest of the day. Hopefully it will continue – our 10k race is just a couple of weeks away and then some holidays so it would be great to get in shape!

Tower Bridge Coffee

Rotherhithe River Views

Renovation Progress

Last year we had some cupboards fitted in our third bedroom that I was meant to paint over Christmas which never happened. I’ve now been painting them for what feels like forever – 5 doors front and back and all the woodwork frame. Finally, this weekend saw light at the end of the tunnel and now one set of cupboards is completely finished. It’s a New Year’s resolution to make sure projects get finished before others are started.

We also had Sharps out to take a look at our top-floor bedroom which is in need of a total makeover and some creative design solutions. I’m not sure they’ll be able to do exactly what we want so it might be back to the drawing board and perhaps enlisting the help of the trusty builder who transformed the outside of our home.

Cupboard Painting Third Bedroom

Car Hunting

The time has come to replace Pete’s beloved car which is older than our relationship, he’s had it since 2000! We need something to bring us into this century and that’s more practical for Maddie, our current car is a saloon which means she has to go in a crate on the back seat and then we can’t take any passengers either. We’ve narrowed it down to a BMW Estate or the Audi Q3 so have been viewing some this weekend. Strangest of all, it will be time for me to get back behind the wheel, I haven’t driven since I moved to London aged 21…refresher lessons I think!

Signs Of Spring

Spring flowers have to be my favourite and we’ve had live daffodils brightening up the grey February days and this stunning faux tulip wreath which arrived from The Big Door Wreath Company is now adorning our front door. It looks incredibly realistic and I love that it will last and last for years to come.

Daffodils in the hallway

Faux Tulip Wreath

Cosy Evenings

The days may be getting slowly warmer but I still love nothing more than curling up in front of the fire and will miss it when it’s properly too warm to light it. Living in an older house which is poorly insulated often means that it’s warmer outside than inside and the logburner remains one of the best home improvements we’ve made so far. Plus, you can never have enough candles.

Cosy Living Room Period Home

Dining Room Fire PLace

Hope you’ve had a lovely week X

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