Monday Catch-Up #74

Tower Bridge

I’m sitting on the sofa in my dressing gown on the rainiest Sunday morning trying to summon up the inclination to go for a run. Although I really do love January as lots of special people in my life (and me!) were born this month, it can be so hard to get past the drudgery. The bleak wintery days, the endless wait for pay-day, the feeling that this is the one chance of the year to really get. it. all. right because this is the New year and if you don’t nail January it just might not work out. But there is also beauty to be found. Frosty sunrises, feeling fully justified to stay in and hibernate on the rainy Sundays whereas in the summer you feel you must be outside all the time. Here are some of the things I’ve loved this week.


Yes, it did indeed snow. By London standards anyway. And it happened exactly as the weather forecast predicted during the Thursday evening rush hour. It had just started by the time I got to my Pilates class after work and just over an hour later it had settled on the road despite heavy traffic. My mile walk home was more of a slippery slide leaving me soaked and freezing but Maddie loved it. She hasn’t seen much snow in her lifetime and generally tries to eat it when she’s had enough of racing round like a lunatic.

Snow in London

London Sunrises

When breakfast blogging events come knocking, they’re often my favourite kind. An inspiring way to start the day that I can fit in before work and enjoy London from a different point of view than my normal commuting. On Wednesday I arrived into Cannon Street before darting off down a side street to the river and avoiding all the hustle and bustle to make my way to Cheval Three Quays for the launch of Abigail Ahern’s new collection in conjunction with Debenhams. I’m so used to meandering along the south side of the River Thames because of where the office is but in 15 years have never walked this little stretch of the north side.

It was so pretty, barely a soul around allowing me to stop, breathe deeply and remember exactly why it is that my love affair with this city will never wane. I took the picture at the top with the sun coming up behind Tower Bridge and this one of the Shard from the opposite side of the river. Such a beautiful dusky pink cloudy sky.

The Shard

Home Faffing

I’ve been desperately waiting for a bit of brighter winter light to try and take some pictures around the house. Despite our big bay windows, when there’s no sun, it’s impossible to take any decent photos but finally Saturday arrived and I was able to faff to my heart’s content. I’ve decided to experiment with Instagram this year and keep it predominantly to pictures of our home and interiors-related projects with the occasional exception here and there. With so few rooms in an instagrammable state it’s making me get creative but I’ve realised it’s perfectly possible to achieve.

We finished painting the woodwork in our hallway over Christmas and then last week Pete hung this beautiful copper pendant shade that I bought from Heals. There will be a separate blog post about our hallway project coming soon so I don’t want to share too many pictures here but I’m so happy with how well the lampshade works.

Cohen Copper Lampshade

Period Living Room Fireplace

Bringing Fitness Back

It’s now just under 2 months until my next running challenge, the 10k in Weybridge on March 5th. Never one to understand the word moderation, I went for a 4k run on Tuesday, rode 6 miles on an uphill exercise bike setting on Wednesday and then my hour-long gruelling Pilates class on Thursday. It was too much too soon so now it’s back to pacing myself. With our 10th wedding anniversary looming on the horizon in July and plans for a beach holiday to celebrate my buzz word for 2017 is ‘sculpting’. Watch this space 😉

Impromptu Drinks

Dry January is definitely not a thing in my world. Life is too short, and anyway bearing in mind no-one drinks the same amount than during Christmas, it’s already better for everyone without the need to abstain completely. So after a challenging week on the work front, some of us headed to a local pub on Friday to chew the cud. My colleagues know I have a blog and am a little bit social-media obsessed so it’s nothing new when I stop to take a picture of the floor. Opportunity spotting is a must!

Floor Tiles

Hope you’ve had a lovely week, I’m off to grab my trainers and head into the rain X

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