Monday Catch-Up #70


It feels difficult to look back on last week with any sense of positivity, global events being what they were. These are strange times we live in. It also feels ironic that at a time when we should remember all those who gave their lives to make the world a safer place, leaders of some countries are actively encouraging us to turn our backs on those in need. Not in my name. We are so very lucky and yet so many of us seem to think birthplace is a right. It is a fortune, that’s all.

But with a heavy heart, life has to go on, as much of a challenge as it can be. The amount of extra cuddles the animals have had this week and how I wished to be them. They make me so happy but especially so in troubled times. It’s a time for being more compassionate and kind than normal, being there for people and making friendships. Living life to the max because it’s so short. So here are some things that cheered me up last week.

Monday Morning Breakfast

Normally on a Monday morning I look at my clock, heave a huge sigh and long for the weekend. Last week I had the morning off so I could join some fabulous bloggers for breakfast at the German Gymnasium in Kings Cross. Everything about that sentence is on point. Instagram in particular has led to new friendships for me, meeting people ‘in real life’ that I’ve only known virtually is brilliant. We are nurturing, coaching, supporting each other so I’ll leave their details at the bottom of this post so you can follow them on Instagram.

And The German Gymnasium is SO stunning. What a venue in a part of London that I used to hurry through as fast as possible because it was so dodgy. Here are a few pictures so you can see for yourself but I might do a little ode to that place in a future post.

The German Gynasium

The German Gynasium

The German Gynasium

Wrapping Up Against The Chill

As much as I hate the cold, I love being cosy. So this time of year is always the chance to drag out every cuddly scarf and jumper I can find which is always fun. This scarf is made of yak’s wool and is without a doubt the best scarf I’ve ever owned.

Yak Wool Scarf

A Manicure And New Cafe

Every 3 or 4 weeks I pop to see my beauty lady, Carina’s Beauty. She is based out of home on the other side of Bromley and I’ve been about 4-5 times now for a shellac manicure and eyebrow wax and tint. She is absolutely delightful, a very talented beautician and all-round lovely lady who I do genuinely call a friend. After around 35 years of biting my nails, slowly but surely they’re gaining strength and the biting curse is definitely broken.

Afterwards I made a quick pitstop at the recently opened Ginger and Bean cafe in Bromley town centre. We have a complete lack of independent coffee shops which is such a shame, instead there are at least 2 Costas, 2 Starbucks and a Cafe Nero. So to find a stylish independent who makes a mean Chai Latte gets a very enthusiastic thumbs up from me.

Ginger and Bean

Home Projects

We’ve got the bit between our teeth at the moment and have had carpenters in all week fitting new cupboards in our third bedroom. They’re nearly done and should be finished this week which will really help out with some big storage issues we have, namely around 3,000 CDs that all belong to Pete and are currently taking up a lot of space in our second bedroom.

We spent our Sunday chipping away at the front door makeover project and are now so close – if it weren’t for the chilly temperatures and lack of daylight hours we’d be nearly finished. As it is, the front door is now a beautiful shade of grey with just a little bit more painting around it and the new door furniture to fit and 2 and a half years after we moved in, our home kerb appeal upgrade will be complete. It’s been a long journey with new windows, new shutters and the entire front re-rendered and painted but it makes a huge difference. I can’t wait to get it finished and unveil all on the blog!

Last but by no means least, I’ve finally lit these delicate tealight holders we picked up from our Cornish holiday back in September. They sit on the mantelpiece in our dining room and I love the colour, the light and shadows that are cast. One of my favourite home purchases for a while.

Tealight Holder

Flower Delivery From Freddie’s Flowers

En route to a blogging event a couple of weeks ago, I encountered Freddie’s Flowers at Old Street Station. I had plenty of time so stopped for a chat and decided to see how their flower subscription would work because having fresh flowers at home is one of life’s little pleasures. Their concept is that they cut out the middle man, delivering fresh flowers straight from grower to customer via a weekly service.

When I got home on Monday night, my flowers were waiting in a box complete with a breakdown of the different florals included and instructions on how to display them. Unfortunately I don’t think I have quite the right vase to do them justice but it’s such a treat nonetheless. When Boo leaves them alone that is, so far shredding roses seems to be one of his favourite activities…

Freddies Flowers

Blogging Fun

On Friday evening after work I made my way to the RHS HQ in Vincent Square for a preview evening of the first Urban Garden Show London. You can read here about what I was expecting from the evening and my review is still to come but it was so buzzy and inspiring. I met up with Ruthie from Design Soda and we made our way round together, sampling non-alcoholic botanical cocktails courtesy of Seedlip followed by making a living frame and then a tour of the RHS Lindley library which houses a collection including some of the oldest books on gardening in the world.

I genuinely still pinch myself of all the places I’ve been since blogging became a proper passion and the opportunities that pop up, it really is a joy and I know how lucky I am. We grabbed some food from one of the vendors exhibiting and had a proper natter before making our way home, me complete with a beautiful new cactus from Grace and Thorn AND an olive tree which will sit outside our front door. He’s called Percival and I can only imagine what an amusing sight I must have been struggling back to Victoria to catch my train laden down with bags and a tree in a pot. You know you’re getting old when Friday nights are for buying houseplants instead of drinking.

Westminster Abbey

RHS Lindley

Lazy Saturday Walks

The weather in London was dismal on Saturday but we did manage to escape the downpours for an early morning walk in our local park which was a sea of vibrant yellows. I’ll miss the colours in the grim January and February days so am relishing them every chance I get.

Chinbrook Meadows

I hope you’ve had a lovely week X

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  1. November 14, 2016 / 9:37 am

    Thanks so much for the mention Lins, it was lovely meeting you too, I felt like we were just old friends catching up. Looking forward to more meet ups!
    I love your little tealight holders, they look really beautiful on your mantelpiece and the pattern on them is gorgeous

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