Monday Catch-Up #69


It’s that time of year when all the fun autumnal events start taking place – Halloween, Bonfire Night and the inevitable swift run-down to Christmas. Now I’m over my annual funk where I grump about the darkness and cold, it’s time to just roll up my sleeves and get on with things. After all, try as hard as I might to wish the warmer days to get a wriggle on, they won’t be here until next summer so let’s do this!

The Logs Arrived

It feels like months ago, in fact it was months ago, that we ordered our winter logs. They arrived on Monday in a big crate and thankfully it was the last balmy day of autumn so I shifted them in a couple of hours round the side of the house and into our new log store at the back. It was hard-going but worth it and they look great in their new home. We’re not sure yet if they’ll last the whole winter which for me is until about May next year, but time will tell.



Halloween Happiness

As I was working from home on Monday, it felt like the perfect time to get involved with Halloween. I’m not normally home from work in time to welcome Trick or Treaters but haphazardly carved a little pumpkin and set it outside the house with some lights and a candle. In the end we probably had about 15 sets of children and families excitedly seeing the pumpkin and racing up to the door which made me so glad we’d participated. Maddie also got involved with the Halloween spirit…



Nighttime in London

I had a work event to attend on Friday evening, just the other side of the river from our office. It was dark when I left and Tower Bridge looked absolutely stunning, as it always does. London is magical at the best of times but it still manages to catch me off guard. The bridge is currently closed to traffic whilst repair work is carried out so it wasn’t as busy as it normally is. Perfect photo taking opportunities.

Tower Bridge London

Tower Bridge London

Dressing Up

We have no dress code at work and unless you really feel like being smart, mostly it’s a jeans kind of place. So to have an excuse on Friday to get into some ‘business casual’ clothes and escape my dog-walking/DIY gear was actually really enjoyable. I’ve not been very happy in my own skin lately but Pete and I are both on a health kick ahead of our New York trip and so far, so good.


Autumnal Colours

There’s not really much to say is there? My Instagram feed is full of beautiful reds and yellows, rich and vibrant hues as the last of the leaves turn and then fall. It’s certainly a brilliant time of year for those of us that love colour.


The First Fire Of The Autumn

After a very mild start to the week, the temperatures dropped suddenly and so there was only one thing for it – relight my fire! I really didn’t know if the logburner would need a few attempts just to get back into the swing of things but it roared merrily into life and needless to say, Boo & Maddie were delighted. I can’t recommend our HETA Inspire 45 highly enough – such a large glass door and it flippin’ well self-cleans. How amazing is THAT?!


Just Generally Feeling Grateful

Sometimes, in fact quite often, the enormity of our renovation project really hits me. I mean, everything is so expensive and it doesn’t help when you have even more expensive home taste. It can take us forever to get things done but in amongst it all as the light flooded in through our living room windows the other day, I was reminded again how very, very lucky we are. To be in a house that we’ll never outgrow because it has 4 bedrooms and a big garden with plenty of space to extend and still be a big garden. To have such wonderful neighbours on both sides who are just genuinely bloody brilliant. That when I go to work or go out for the night, my train from London Bridge to Grove Park takes just 14 minutes. Not half an hour, or an hour, but 14 minutes. Yet we can see the stars at nighttime from the garden and are just a 10 minute drive from rolling countryside. The day-to-day humdrum gets the better of me sometimes but I’m not going to let it anymore. We’re bloody lucky.


Blogging Fun

Spending a wonderful Tuesday evening in the company of some other lovely bloggers (and friends) at the Food at 52 cookery school in Clerkenwell. Led by chef Brad McDonald we helped to create and then eat a sumptuous Thanksgiving feast. More on the blog soon!


Getting Our DIY On

We’re on a renewed effort to get the front of the house finished. It’s been going for far too long but with a sunny Sunday morning on the horizon, Pete got sanding the front door and I painted around the living room window frame. It’s been 5 months now since the house was rendered and painted, we’re so close to the finishing line for the outside I can smell it. Must. Try. Harder.



Hope you’ve had a lovely week X

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  1. November 7, 2016 / 2:10 pm

    Loving the autumnal photos and I am super jealous of your gorgeous log burner! Ours was in the house when we got it, very old and absolutely the opposite of self-cleaning! Still, can’t complain, at least we have one! Been struggling a bit myself with the endless renovating, and not appreciating my dusty, dirty home, but we have come such a long way upstairs already, and it is going to be so wonderful when we’re done. I ought to appreciate it more now, the way I know I will when it’s all done! 🙂 xx

    • Lins
      November 9, 2016 / 10:14 pm

      Its HARD though isn’t it?! When everything takes so long and is so expensive it can be really disheartening. Every time we get something done I’m delighted but then get so frustrated that it takes ages for the next project Xx

  2. tinkertailoronline
    November 7, 2016 / 3:14 pm

    I really enjoy your Monday catch-ups! The house is looking beautiful and you are making progress all the time. Very envious of the log burner xxx

    • Lins
      November 8, 2016 / 2:41 pm

      Thank you so much lovely, that’s much appreciated 🙂 I get impatient A LOT but we’ll get there eventually XX

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