Monday Catch-Up #67

Halloween Home Styling

There are some weeks that fly by in a whirl of social engagements, blogging fun and day job activities. There are other weeks when I just want to shut myself away. This has definitely been the latter. I wish I could get on board with all of the autumn loveliness and I’m trying. But the dark mornings and dark evenings, the coldness that seeps to my bones, it feels never-ending at the start of autumn and hibernating is the only way forward.

Of course work has been ever-present. But after the working day is done, I’ve been homeward bound. Home to curl up on the sofa and drink soothing cups of tea. Closing the shutters, making comfort food, early nights with electric blankets. None of it’s new, we’re both very aware with how much I struggle at this time of year. Pete has been gently trying to coax me out for dinner. Yet I’m having none of it.

In spite of not feeling myself, I’ve still been able to take solace in the little moments. Mindfulness, of a fashion. Here’s what’s made me happy this week:

Home Comforts

I’ve been so envious of everyone’s fireplace pictures as the temperature has dropped. Our main log delivery isn’t due until Halloween so we popped to our local garden centre for a small supply. It pays to be prepared! The wicker basket we bought on our recent trip to Hastings is perfect in the dining room fireplace and will be a great staging post between the log store on the patio and the log burner in the living room. Now I just want to get some fairy lights to go on the roof of the fireplace and this whole little area that I was ignoring will be transformed.

Wicker Log Basket

Sticking with the theme of our dining room fireplace, these pretty tealight holders had a lot of admiring comments when I posted a picture of the whole mantelpiece on Instagram recently. They come from Baytree Home in Truro and have added a much needed decorative twist to our dining room. We’ve chosen a dusky pink/clay paint for the walls below the dado rail so I think they’ll look really pretty when we eventually get round to painting the room.

Mantelpiece Decoration

I’ve been having a lot of very early nights this week by my standards. I’ve felt so tired that I’ve been creeping into bed around 10-10.30 instead of the normal post-midnight bedtime and curling up with my iPad catching up with ‘The Fall’ and seeking out the next must-watch series on Netflix. Boo comes up to join me and has figured out that because I have the electric blanket on, if he lies still in one patch he feels all the warmth coming through the duvet. This bedding came from Dunelm who I collaborated with earlier in the year in a post for Valentine’s Day and I still love it so much. Dunelm Bedding

These two are just awesome. There are no other words. We took Boo to the cattery ahead of our Dublin trip, he spent all of about 10 seconds in his pen before dashing off to play with the other cats. I’ve never known such a chilled out little creature. Maddie spent the next few hours dashing round the house trying to find him, not understanding why he wasn’t there anymore. They adore each other so much.

Boo and Maddie

New Clothes

I have such a funny relationship with ‘fashion’. We have no dress code at work and since I’m always freezing and spending so much time with pets, I generally just throw on a pair of a jeans and a cosy jumper. On a whim, I picked up this skirt from Greenwich Market a couple of weekends ago even thought it’s totally outside my comfort zone and on Friday I decided to go bold and wear it. The t-shirt is by Gray at Southwood Stores.

floral fashion


I’ve now paid 3 visits to Carina’s Beauty in Bromley for a shellac manicure and eyebrow tinting and it’s one of my favourite little ‘me time’ things to do. She is just the loveliest lady, kind and friendly and a fantastic beautician. I’d heard such horror stories about how shellac can ruin your nails but all that’s happened is mine have grown so strong. It lasts normally for 2 weeks before peeling off and I paint them if needed in the interim before my next visit, typically going every 3 weeks. And the perfect end to a little pampering is a Costa hot chocolate.

Shellac Manicure

A Lunchtime Walk in Bermondsey

On Wednesday I caught sight on Twitter that streetfood is coming to Bermondsey Square from Monday to Thursday lunchtimes. The perfect excuse for a stroll, I set off down the pretty Bermondsey Street to see what was on offer. As it’s a new site, there weren’t too many vendors to choose from but I plumped for an amazing paella – gluten and red meat free! I love paella but all too often come across a chorizo version which I can’t eat. The lovely guys at Spanish Homemade had a chicken variant and a seafood variant so of course, I ended up with a mixture of both.

I love Bermondsey, as yet relatively undiscovered compared to parts of North London or the ubiquitous and oh-so-dull Shoreditch (seriously, there is so much more to London than there!) On the one hand I want to shout from the rooftops of Bermondsey, on the other hand I want it to stay relatively secret for as long as possible.

Coffee Bermondsey

Spanish Homemade Paella

Bermondsey Square


By the time this post goes live I’ll be in Dublin so it’s shaping up to be a crazy and fun week…perhaps that’s why I was in hibernation mode. I hope you’ve had a lovely week X

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