Monday Catch-Up #62


This has to have been one of the loveliest Augusts I can ever remember, lots of hot days and endless blue skies. As miserable as June was, this month has been the complete opposite and London is even more wonderful in the sunshine than it normally is. This week has been full of more exploring, days off, eating out and holiday planning.

Reclaiming My Lunchbreak

On Monday I headed into Covent Garden to try a new cafe/restaurant that had popped up on my Instagram feed called Salad Pride. Tucked away in the prettiest buildings of Neal’s Yard, it has to be the tastiest salad

Neal's Yard

Salad Pride

And on my way there I even found a BFG Dream Jar!

BFG Dream Jar

On Tuesday I headed east, out to North Greenwich to try and find Farmopolis, a floating oasis on the Thames. Unfortunately I did find it but a little too late – there’s a lot of building work and development taking place over on the Greenwich peninsula which meant I had to walk a long way round and by the time I got there it was time to head back to work. For the journey back I took one of the Thames Clipper boats and it was such a different perspective to see London from the river.

Emirates Cable Car

Day Off

On Wednesday I had the day off to try and catch up with some blogging and packed up my laptop and chargers to work in town, spending the morning at Timberyard in Covent Garden. This is the perfect place to work, fully kitted out for freelancers but stylish at the same time. Unfortunately the air conditioning got the better of me so it made sense to defrost with a bit of shopping…





Kitten Love

He’s getting more and more adventurous with every passing day and is desperate to get outside at every opportunity. I know it’s just a matter of time but I want to hold on to him for as long as possible. He’s the most loving little creature, which makes it a hat trick of male gingers that I’ve owned and have been amazing cats. I might be biased but there are no others for me.


Holiday Planning

It’s now only a couple of weeks until we head off to Cornwall with Maddie for a week’s holiday. We had a blissful time last year and so decided to go again and booked a self-catering cottage all the way back in January. At that point September felt so far away but now it’s nearly here and I can’t wait. We’re SO ready for a holiday.


Impromptu Date Nights

With a kitchen emptier than Mother Hubbard’s cupboard, we decided to head out for dinner on Thursday night and opted for mussels, chips and beer. Bromley will never win awards for being a pretty town but it has so many places to eat that serve their purpose.

Belgo Bromley

The Early Bird

Getting up early on Saturday to get some work done and watching the sun come up in our little office. This may still be our only finished room but I love it so much and when I shut myself away in here get so much done.

Home Office



What would a Bank Holiday weekend be without some DIY? Since Pete finished prepping out front door, it’s my turn to get busy and start painting. He also hung this sweet print he bought for me via Instagram and I love it. Even two and a half years in here we have so few little touches out and on the walls but little by little things are starting to take shape.




I hope you’ve had a lovely week X

My colleagues & I are running the Richmond Half Marathon in Richmond for the NSPCC. PUR-LEASE donate a penny or two #kisses

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