Monday Catch-Up #103

Rickling Green Snowdrops

Well. What a couple of weeks since my last ‘life lately’ post. Two weeks where work has been all-consuming, each day has felt like a month and I’m left exhausted every evening. “Yeah, and?” I hear you say, “That’s just how it is to work full-time”. But oh, how lucky I am to have a job that isn’t as stressful as other people’s. That allows flexibility and a great work-life balance. At least it did. We’re under new management you see and it’s fairly tense times. We’re not entirely sure how it will all pan out in the end and I’ve been neglecting all other areas of my life, too tired for anything else.

Somehow though you have to find the motivation to keep going. Here’s what’s made me smile over the past couple of weeks when I’ve been desperately seeking distraction.

Blogging With Fentimans

Pretty much the only evening I’ve been properly out was to a botanical tasting evening with drinks brand Fentimans. Held at the appropriately named Botanist in Broadgate Circle it was such a beautifully styled venue. I’ll be posting separately but needless to say I *may* have sampled a couple of gins. Then I realised I didn’t want to drink anymore and – craziest of all – headed to the gym on my way home. You know these are strange times when I swap gin for gym.

Fentimans Botanical Tasting

Countryside Walks And The First Snowdrops

One Saturday we met the in-laws and my sister-in-law at the Essex country pub where we met my Mum and Stepdad a few weeks earlier. I love the lighter afternoons which means you can still be out walking at 5pm in the last of the daylight. We had pub lunch and then headed off for a countryside walk. Just perfect.

The Cricketers Arms Rickling Green

Rickling Green

Impromptu Post-Work Drinks

When you can leave work, get to the nearest pub, down half a bottle of Prosecco and still be home by 6. Like I said, these are strange times. There’s an over-reliance on alcohol combined with an addiction to the gym and a need to spend my spare time cleaning (which I normally hate). It’s a heady combination.

Prosecco Drinks

My Valentine’s Day Gift

Before you all throw your hands in the air and suggest this means I need to get back in the kitchen, it’s nothing of the sort. I can receive cook books for Valentine’s Day and not find it offensive or anti-feminist. What it does represent is Pete being his ever-supportive self and helping me on my vegan journey. Mildred’s have a few restaurants throughout London but I haven’t eaten at any yet, perhaps I’ll be cooking first.

Mildreds Vegan Cook Book

Trying Franco Manca For The First Time

I’d often wondered why there was so much hype around this pizza chain. We finally dragged ourselves along and now I know what the fuss is all about. Stunning sourdough bases and they were so kind and helpful in adapting the veggie special to make it vegan, even offering me alternative toppings to replace the cheese. As you can see, I went for a small mountain of rocket. Definitely a new favourite, we’ll be back.

Franco Manca Pizza

Apparently we’re forecast snow for the week ahead and at the very least, Baltic temperatures. It’s going to be another busy week at work but I hope you have a wonderful week ahead whatever you’re up to X

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