Monday Catch-Up #102

Broadway Market

Hands up who is celebrating Valentine’s Day this week? It makes me sound like a miserable sod but it tends to pass us by. Perhaps this year I might try to mark it in some way and rekindle the flames 😉 Truth be told it’s not about grand gestures for me. Or marking just one day. Surely it’s about little thoughtful gestures all the time, however meaningless they may seem. I hope if you are celebrating you have a wonderful time…it’s always a good excuse for chocolate and wine no matter what!

But romance aside, here’s a little catch-up on the past couple of weeks.


I can be quite spontaneous and very random. So when I saw Spitalfields City Farm sharing a post on FB from a yoga instructor who would be running classes AT THE FARM, I emailed her immediately to see if she had space. And at the weekend I toddled off to the farm at a heathen time on a Saturday morning and did my first ever yoga. Around a log burner. In a yurt. On a farm. In the middle of London. Who needs Balinese sunrises? You’re only special if you’re yoga-ing on a farm in the city.

I really loved the first class. I was an avid Pilates convert and went weekly for two years until my teacher left for Singapore last summer. I’ve missed a body conditioning activity so much. But with my new-found focus on health and well-being as well as exercise, yoga might just be the perfect fit. Plus, there’s like donkeys and stuff there.

Yoga At Spitalfields

All The Food

I’ve definitely got the vegan bit between my teeth in 2018. I just wish the weather would hurry up and get warmer so that wondering round at weekends or in the evenings is more enjoyable. From trying the vegan menu at French restaurant Aubaine to a seitan hot-dog at Broadway Vegan Market, I’m  determined to prove a vegan food lifestyle isn’t boring in the slightest. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the perfect vegan full-English we had at The Canvas Cafe near Liverpool Street. I might have to go back every Saturday for that one.

Aubaine Restaurant Broadgate

The Green Grill Vegan Hot Dog Broadway Vegan Market

Vegan Full English The Canvas Cafe

Blogging With Maddie

I wrote this post earlier in the year about changing up my blog content. There are so many interests aside from our home renovation and interiors that I want to write about them too. I took Maddie on a very exciting blogging job with Bakers dog food last week and she was such a peach. There will be a full post to come which they need to vet first but needless to say, expanding and having more choice in what I post about is proving to be SO much fun.

Bakers Dog Food Blog Campaign

Blogging With Maddie

Catching Up With Urban Makers East

Championing independent businesses is still one of my favourite pastimes. Before Christmas I was invited to the Urban Makers East pop-up and Christmas social and the team are back on Shoreditch High Street until February 26th. With everything from prints to skincare, clothing to homewares and jewellery, it’s a must visit if you love supporting designer-makers and prefer unique items to mass produced crap. Just go and have a mosey to brighten up your day.

Urban Makers East

Urban Makers East

Visiting Alexandra Palace For The Very First Time

There’s no need for me to wax lyrical about how much more I fall in love with London with every passing year. It’s impossible to tire of a city when even after nearly a decade you keep finding new places. I spontaneously decided to potter up to Vegan Life Live at Alexandra Palace to check out the tasty food and well, because I’ve never been to Alexandra Palace before. I dunno, now I’m a firm south Londoner, anywhere north of Kings Cross feels SO FAR AWAY. Especially since Charing Cross is the centre most point of London and that’s only 20 minutes from me on one train.

Anyway, I digress. It was a beautiful day, if not fiercely cold and windy. The views were stunning, the building is out of this world. And I did find a lot of delicious food which meant I was even more grateful to be able to do roly-polys all the way down the hill back to the station.

Views from Alexandra Palace

Alexandra Palace Architecture

Vegan Mac and Cheese from Eat Mac N

Hetty and Sam at Vegan Life Live

I’m doing pretty well with getting out and about despite the weather but I’d seriously love spring to get a wriggle on. Hope you have a fabulous week ahead!
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