Monday Catch-Up #100

Rickling Green

Well hello and a belated Happy New Year! How are you all? I hope you’ve had a fabulous start to 2018 despite the endless grey days. I don’t know where you are in the world but here in south London the sun is very rare these days. So much so that when it does pop its head up, we almost wonder what it is. With that in mind, Pete and I have FINALLY booked our 10th wedding anniversary holiday. The celebration was actually last July but with one thing and another, a third honeymoon never happened. We’re all booked now though and will be heading to Malaysia for two weeks in March. I’m like a flower, I need sunshine and warmth and whilst we do go away a couple of times every year they tend to be shorter city breaks or chillier destinations.

But what else has been happening since mid-December? I feel even more happy and positive about the year ahead than I normally do. It really is time to grab life by the balls and make it yours.

Getting My Hair Chopped

A long time coming, my dull lifeless hair finally ended up on the hairdressers floor. In between Christmas and New Year I returned to my favourite hairdresser, The Box in Deptford. It feels SO good to be short again and get a bit of health and vibrancy back. I highly recommend a radical change every now and then, after all it always grows back.

The Box Hair Deptford

The Christmas That Never Was

Pete was poorly over Christmas. I mean, properly virtually bedridden poorly. We had to cancel our plans to go out for Christmas lunch at a pub in Greenwich. He spent most of our 10 days off in bed and at the time, it was pretty miserable. I’m not going to lie, I felt very down. Especially when I realise what I could have done with all that time off. But now, a couple of weeks later, I realised I too needed to switch off. I got through a lot of box sets on Netflix, walked Maddie, did a jigsaw puzzle across two days. Realistically, DIY and planning my 2018 blogging schedule was just never going to happen. So we just rested and it was probably for the best.

On the box set front though, I can recommend The Sinner, Dark and now I’m working my way through Mindhunter. Normally it takes me about 6 months to watch one ten-episode serial but there’s nothing like winter to make you focused on TV.

Christmas 2017

Run Every Day January #REDJanuary

If you follow me on Instagram, you won’t have escaped the fact that I’ve been running lately. A lot. Like, every day. I was watching Vickie’s stories (if you don’t follow inpolife then just do it) and saw that she’d signed up to #REDJanuary, an initiative from charity MIND. Their aim is to encourage people to realise the importance of a little bit of exercise in helping everyone’s mental health. Before I knew I’d signed up to run every day. And then a more ladies on Instagram signed up and now there’s a little group of us who are raising money for MIND. We aimed for £100 and now have nearly £1,000 and we’re not even half way through!

If you’d like to sponsor us you can do so here, we’re so grateful for every tiny donation. It has literally changed me, already. I can’t honestly say that the runs are getting any easier and I typically only do 3k each day because I also have a very expensive gym membership that I have to keep up. But the positivity I’ve felt from getting up every day before 6 so I can run before work is incredible. I feel unbeatable and that only good things will happen.

Spa Days

With every bit of exercise there needs to be a little treat. Last January, Pete’s birthday gift to me was a voucher to spend at the So Spa, Sofitel London. Glamorous, luxury and decadent. I’d been asking for a spa for years and then when it arrived, it took me nearly a year to use it. But what better time than January? I’ve spent the whole voucher now, first of all on a facial and then a full body massage. There will be more to come in a separate post but needless to say, I’m hooked and may try to save up to go every couple of months. I know there are cheaper places to visit but for me, it’s all the little touches which add to the whole experience.

So Spa Sofitel London

New Homewares

I haven’t yet written a post about our home plans for 2018 because I’m not entirely sure what they are. What I do know is that we have to crack on. February will mark 4 years since we moved in and progress has slowed. I did however finally receive this stunning rug from La Redoute over Christmas. I’d ordered it weeks before and started to doubt if it would ever show up but it’s a thing of beauty and I’m so so happy.

La Redoute Orica Rug

La Redoute Orica Rug

Country Pub Walks

Since we didn’t see any family over Christmas, we headed out at the weekend to meet up with my Mum and Stepdad. I’m a bit funny about family gatherings at Christmas. It’s not the happiest time for me and I feel that it’s all so predictable and forced. Much better to do something a little different a couple of weeks after and then there’s no pressure, no unnecessary spending of money. We had a cosy pub lunch at The Cricketers Arms in Rickling Green near Bishops Stortford and then took our motley crue of Labradors and Springer for a muddy country walk. That’s how weekends should be spent right?

Rickling Green

Feeling More Confident With Veganism

It’s now been a good few months since I decided to become vegan. I can’t say I’ve been on it 100% in that time. I’ve made mistakes and given in to temptation (which means, I reverted to my veggie ways – I haven’t eaten meat for 15 years). There’s something that feels so powerful though about exercising and trying to eat relatively healthily too. Since quitting dairy I’ve noticed how clear my skin has become and caffeine is now fairly non-existent in my diet. I’ve never drunk coffee because I hate the smell and taste but can’t find a good milk alternative for tea so have just stopped drinking it. I love seeing everyone trying Veganuary and sharing my tips for a vegan food-based lifestyle. Plus, the new vegan menu at Wagamama is epic.

Wagamama Vegan Menu

So there we go, a little bit of a catch-up on what’s been happening lately. 2018 has started with a bang, I’m going to make sure it’s the best year yet!

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