Introducing Not Too Shabby

Today there’s something a little bit different on the blog as we’ve got a guest post from the lovely Michelle who has recently developed a passion for upcycling furniture (and I’ll let you into a little secret, she’s pretty damn good at it).

Here she tells us a little about her business:

I’ve always had a passion for interior decor and find myself drawn to anything pretty. You know those shops which sell all the beautiful things that you want but don’t really need? I’m obsessed with them. So moving in to my own flat, where I could have as many candles and coloured glass dishes as my heart desired was a joy.

I was inspired to start upcycling furniture after trying to find a shabby chic white standard lamp. That’s all I wanted. Simple, you might say. But no… After searching high and low in all the usual places I discovered that these days, a lot of new furniture is metallic, or too chunky and not made from solid materials. And when I did see something that fit the bill, it cost a bomb! So I decided to buy something old, and make it new. And this is how it turned out…



Ten months later, I still have a day job working in digital media, but on the side I like nothing better than to find lovely old things and give them a new lease of life. And so Not Too Shabby was born. I sell at affordable prices and am available to paint something you might already have, if you don’t have the impetus to do it yourself!

Just a few examples of things I currently have for sale:




Thanks so much to Michelle for sharing her beautiful upcycled goods. You can find everything she has for sale over at her Etsy store and keep up-to-date with her business on her Facebook page and on Twitter too.

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  1. Faye
    May 25, 2015 / 11:40 am

    I LOVE a bit of upcycling! That lamp looks great, I love the fabric! I recently bought a chest for £5 from a local bootsale and upcycled it using some paint and a wallpaper sample. It’s now one of my favourite pieces of furniture in our house 🙂

    Faye x

    • Lins
      May 25, 2015 / 3:22 pm

      That sounds great Faye, it’s amazing what can be achieved with a little bit of imagination! I’m so rubbish at visualising and seeing the potential in things, I nearly missed out on our house because of it! Really need to start thinking about upcycling, a great way to get something bespoke for about a tenth of the price X

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