Fresh Scent for Valentine’s

To say I’m not very romantic is a bit of an understatement. It’s not that I can’t be but as my husband and male friends have long-attested to, my outlook on life is more male than most men. My favourite genre of movie is war films, I’d rather watch football than soaps and I’m not overly sentimental. I very nearly just bought OH a gay Valentine’s card which probably sums it all up. When we first got together, he used to try and woo me with chocolates (sensible chap). Eventually I told him that I didn’t like the Godiva and Hotel Chocolat boxes, but a bar of good old Galaxy or *gasp* a box of 1980s stalwarts Guylian seashells was a sure thing.

A gift from my 10 year old niece - love

That said, I can’t deny genetics and I do love flowers, hot bubble baths, massages – just not on Valentine’s Day. If you are going to celebrate then I’ve always thought gifts should be original or creative – fortunately for us we have the perfect get-out clause since we picked up the keys to our first home together on Valentine’s Day 2014 so we have another focus for our gift-buying.

With this is mind, I’m always on the look out for “house beautiful” ideas and am ever so slightly addicted to candles which are more important than ever now we have the dog. We have to be careful not to have anything too powerful as her sense of smell is far more sensitive than ours, at the same time you get what you pay for and some candles smell of nothing.

The latest scent I’ve fallen for is Fresh Balsam from The French Bedroom Company. I worked from home yesterday and lit the candle in the living room, giving off a fresh, clean smell – almost like soap or clean laundry. It burns beautifully too and is long-lasting.

Fresh Balsam Candle from The French Bedroom Company

I also love the packaging and design, with the jar being available for use afterwards (I’m thinking make up brush holder?) and the black and silver box the candle comes in just oozes luxury.

Fresh Balsam Candle from The French Bedroom Company

A gift for Valentines - fresh balsam candle from The French Bedroom Company

So that’s my tip for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone hard to please – what’s on your Valentine’s Day wishlist?

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